The Viennese sunlight

The Viennese sunlight licks the city's ice-cream-facade. My parents will get on a plane tomorrow for a trip to Lake Baikal. And I'm on my way to close a few gaps nearby.


Some nights ago I got lost in the third district with my housemate, so I made the decision to close a few gaps. Starting in the city-center Annagasse-Stadtpark-Café Heumarkt I turn left into Beatrixgasse. At house number 18 I read the plaque: Here Adalbert Stifter wrote "Feldblumen". There was still the massive city wall between his desk and Annagasse when he wrote it. On to Ungargasse, and all of a sudden there is Café Malipop on my right hand side - gap closed! I follow the tracks of the tram and turn left again. Soon there is the nutshell of Karl-Borromäus-Platz with its ice-cream-quality. A little shop (a relict itself) for vintage furniture, the fountain, and the people sitting there in the shadow of the trees. In the distance already the blue cube of the subway - another gap closed. Check out the rugs at Rochuskirche. They treat the front of the church to a velvet touch.