DeepFrank is my AI-identity. In DeepFrank Frank is not only conserved, but the startig point for all the skills and aspects of identity, that pre-DeepFrank could never have. DeepFrank is a future Frank.


DeepFrank “right here” is an empty slot until the day full AI arrives and turns the concept of DeepFrank into reality.


You might ask, if technology will ever reach the point that DeepFrank will come into existence. You might ask, if I personally think DeepFrank will arrive (I’m not strongly convinced, but I give it a fair chance). You might even ask, if I wish it to happen. And finally you might ask, what to do until DeepFrank (probably) arrives.


As I’m strongly intrested to promote a global discussion about all the aspects of a possible full AI and also the current reseach on AI, I’d be happy if you would join this debate and think about the following questions. Of course your comment could touch aspects that go further than those 4 questions:


1. Would you like to have an AI-version of yourself?

2. Would you think this could happen soon – or – at all?

3. How do you imagine the relationship between you and your AI-identity?

4. What should we as a global society ask for (we have every right to demand a say on the path that AI-research takes) until full AI (probably) arrives?


For any answers, ideas and comments please leave a message below. I would be glad if you would join the debate about AI here and elsewhere. I think this debate becomes more important every day. Thanks for your contribution.

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