Not, apparently, his team

"Who trusts Boris Johnson? Not, apparently, his team. The paradox of the race to lead the Conservative party, and therefore Britain, is that those convinced that Mr Johnson is an irresistible, unstoppable electoral force at the same time appear terrified that he may encounter meaningful scrutiny.


One answer, from his [Boris Johnson] former editor Max Hastings, is that “I’m not sure he’s capable of caring for any human being other than himself.” His record in office, too, is one of carelessness and self-promotion. As mayor, he was careless with public money, backing the doomed garden bridge which cost taxpayers £43m. As foreign secretary, he was careless with Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s fate; Iran used his remarks to haul her back to court. Again and again – as a journalist, MP and Brexit’s cheerleader – he was and seems utterly careless about the truth, appearing committed only to whatever advances his prospects."

- Guardian, 23.06.2019