Like The End Of An Abusive Relationship

You know I never lost in my life. Not once. 2020 Sleepy Joe became president because of wide spread election fraud, dead people in Detroit and illegal losers in Philadelphia "voted" him in -- a complete disgrace. Election fraud the likes you've never seen before in your life. The next 4 years will become horrible, America will lose big time. The whole world will rip us off, especially China, West Germany and Malta. China will steal our industry and Germany our cars. Malta is vicious. They are pirates, they board and raid American ships, everywhere. Mexico will steal our children. Mexicans do that. Everyone knows that. Believe me, Mexicans are the worst criminals this world has ever seen. Like Clinton. Sleepy Joe knows that, too. And this loser, Sleepy Joe, will become the worst president ever to enter the White House. And I was the best president ever in the history of the USA. The best ever. --- Dad, do you now have any interest in me and do you love me?