England Is Now Clownland

The Tories, having purged themselves of centrist MPs around 2019, are now just a kind of bitter and tired advertising campaign in the pale light of Brexit. Politics in innovative form does not exist, the BBC and NHS are in trouble. England is now Clownland thanks to Johnson, and a new civil war in NI would be the final cruel joke of this man.

Johnson has always been completely empty, the only thing he had was the desire to become PM at whatever cost, even if Britain goes down. He is not a builder but a wrecker's ball, he is dangerous and his time in No 10 very expensive for the country and especially the young. Johnson (and Farage and Cummings etc) should have to take full responsibility for their irresponsible Brexit. What a car crash. Good Lord.


If Johnson doesn't resign now, after 'partygate', the Tories could lose votes like they haven't for a long time.