Climate Butcher

Putin once again escalates the crisis and orders troops over the border. Right now, clear deterrence is needed. In the long term, cooperation with Russia is important, and also possible, culturally, economically. What is Putin so afraid of? Free elections, free press, people like Nawalny, whom he almost killed.

And the west? Trump's presidency and Brexit are two things that benefit Putin and that he has always supported. Especially these clown shows of western politics (Trump, Johnson, Brexit) have to stop.

Putin is a man of the past. Unfortunately, this also makes him dangerous  because he is trying to revive the corpse of the Soviet Union with brute force. But a post-Putin Russia will be possible at some point: Progress, cooperation, a new era for the whole of Europe, including Russia.

Moreover, there is now a new dimension of war: damage to the climate. Already a standing army is a burden for the climate, but a war and all the destruction and the necessary reconstruction (the construction sector needs a lot of energy and material) are insane. If one says that since a few years the awareness of the climate crisis has ushered in a new age, then Putin is quasi the first climate butcher by war in this age.