Lonely Soul

The "Russian soul" roams lonely in a no-man's land. The phantom pain of imperial past drives this soul to senseless, murderous wars, and the paralysis of public debate makes reflection on the zeitgeist (climate change etc) almost impossible. Russia is living in the past, is basing its present on a kind of Hitler-Stalin/Putin-Xi Pact and has no idea whatsoever for the future outside a nightmarish neo-tsarist empire. 


Hopefully, Putin's war can at least serve as an incentive to accelerate the phase-out of fossil fuels. That would be a good, if never planned, side effect. As terrible as the war is, perhaps it will have this one good side effect. Apart from the other welcome side-effect that Putin's influence on the right-wing spectrum across Western democracies will hopefully never again be as strong as it was before the invasion in February.